Friday, May 11, 2018

The Slow Readers Club - Build a Tower

Every now and then a band comes along that you fall in love with.  The Slow Readers Club is that band for me.  Their second album Cavalcade was brilliant, so to say that I was highly anticipating their third, Build a Tower, is an understatement.  After listening to the album for a week I have to say that they’ve pretty much delivered on the promise of their earlier album.  The songs on Build a Tower are instantly likeable yet strong enough to stand up to repeated scrutiny.   

Lead single You Opened Up My Heart is an instant classic. To paraphrase its lyrics I haven’t felt that way about a song since I was 17. The adrenaline rush of the riff keeps me coming back for more.  Even better is On the TV. Surely a song for our times. “Hold me mother tell me I am safe, On the TV the world is on fire We’ve all gone insane”.  It’s hard to argue with that kind of sentiment.  It’s even harder to argue with the insistent beat and riff.  However, these are just two highlights on an album filled with highlights.  

Yes, the Slow Readers Club are cut from the same indie dance cloth as bands like Editors and Interpol but they’ve also been compared to bands like Depeche Mode and New Order.  The best description I’ve read is they’ve got depressing lyrics with danceable beats!  Two of my most favourite things!  No wonder I like them so much.   

Hopefully this album will be the one that transports them into the stratosphere (or at least an Australian tour). 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Squeeze - Metro

This is the setlist from Brisbane... but it looks the same as the setlist from Sydney

Brisbane Setlist