Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Justin Currie - This Is My Kingdom Now

In an alternative universe Del Amitri would have been huge.  They had catchy melodies, clever lyrics, great musicians.  But unfortunately, they were like a less cool Coldplay (i.e. not cool at all).  Why weren’t they successful?  Were Justin Currie’s songs (lead singer and songwriter) too intelligent?  He’s known in our household for having the famous “Justin Currie twist” where he turns a whole song on its head just by spinning the last line in a different way to the rest of the song which requires re-evaluation of everything that came before it.  Listen to “Always the Last to Know” as the pinnacle of this. 
Perhaps he should have stuck with “it was all yellow” and watched his songs soar into the top 10.  But he was always too clever for that.  Since the breakup of the band, Justin Currie has released a number of solo albums (This is his 4th solo release)… that see him still delivering great melodies and fantastic lyrics.  This Is My Kingdom Now continues this form from this classy songwriter.  Straight out of the gate the album starts with great songs, thoughtful lyrics and catchy hooks.  There’s a lot to like here. 
One complaint though, with a song called “Sydney Harbour Bridge” on the album it must be time for an Australian Tour…